Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM Review

I purchased the Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM tote in NYC recently after wanting it for years–– its classic, timeless design and high quality originally drew me in, and I can honestly say I'm 100% satisfied with my purchase. It's roomy enough for me to take to class since it fits my 13" laptop and a few books along with my wallet, laptop charger, keys, water bottle, and phone. I was originally considering the GM (the biggest size tote LV offers), but I went with the medium size since it's less bulky.

I absolutely love that this tote comes with a pouch that can be detached and used as a wristlet–– it's super handy to have on the go since! The inside pocket of the tote itself is super roomy too. I keep my phone, chapstick, Altoids, and other random stuff in there and it zips without a problem. Every single element of this bag was made perfectly and it's honestly such a high quality that I now see why the price is higher.

I went with the darker Damier pattern but I also love the look of the classic Louis Vuitton monogram. You cannot honestly go wrong when picking the exterior pattern, it's just personal preference–– all are lovely.

I decided to get my initials hot stamped on the handles of my bag (LV does it free of charge!) because some of my friends and classmates have the same bag and I love that I can quickly differentiate between whose bag belongs to who–– I chose gold but there are so many hot stamping color/font options. They told me it would take them 2 hours to do it in store, and when I came back 4 hours later my bag had not been stamped yet. I didn't mind, but they apologized profusely, did it within 10 minutes, and wouldn't let me leave without free Perrier. Such good customer service!

I hope these photos along with my process of getting the tote helps you make a decision on whether or not you'd like to make this investment!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Charleston Shopping Trip

On Friday, I went to Charleston with my mom to shop and walk around. One of my favorite things about Charleston are colorful and cute houses–– the architecture is so beautiful and I could spend hours walking around snapping photos of houses and doorways. There's so much pink!

Thursday, August 11, 2016

A Look Into My Room At Home

My room at home is drastically different than my room at college–– there's no gallery wall, it's a little preppy, and I have a desk! Having a desk is a blessing and a curse. I love having a workspace, but I am prone to randomly throwing things on it which leads to major clutter. 

One of my favorite things in my room at home is my giant polar bear stuffed animal. I got him near the middle of last semester, and he will definitely go back to school with me. Another element I love in my room is the unique light fixture–– my mother had it custom made for my room, and when we move, I am definitely taking it with me!

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Hilton Head Afternoons

This past weekend, I headed over to Hilton Head with my mom and dad for a beach day. It's about a one hour car ride from Savannah, so it makes for a totally doable day trip! I decided to pull out my new one piece (only $35) and my Vineyard Vines coverup from last year. 

Monday, August 8, 2016

A Visitor's Guide to Savannah

I've been dreaming of writing this guide for awhile–– many have requested it, but I never knew where to start. Although I was born and raised here, I find it overwhelming to comprise a list of recommendable places for people to enjoy because everyone's tastes are different. I also wanted to do my city justice!

Savannah is the perfect place to visit on a long weekend–– you only really need 72 hours to soak in all of its beauty. I would recommend visiting in the spring when all of the Azaleas are in bloom (late March/April) or in the fall (Octoberish) since it gets extremely humid and hot in the summer. Surprisingly, the winters here can get pretty cold, especially in January and February.

I've been jotting down the best restaurants, bars, places to stay, and sights to see all summer, and I am finally ready to share my list! Without further adieu, here it is:

Places to stay:

This Kessler boutique hotel is super elegant and it's located on the gorgeous Forsyth Park. It's in a Victorian style mansion, and it's worth the price.

The Andaz is in a spectacular location and it appears to be super trendy. It is run by Hyatt, and it has a cute little pool! I've heard nothing but amazing things about it.

Super cute, and the hotel has an adorable Italian restaurant and bar inside.

This hotel is almost brand new and it is located on Bay Street. It has the best rooftop bar in town (which I'll talk about later).

Also on Bay street, right next to Cotton Sail. Superb decor, and a lovely restaurant on the river. They also have a great rooftop bar!

Places to eat:

This place has made it on the Food Channel and won awards for its sandwich, "the Conquistador." Their South African food is unique yet tasty, and there's no wonder that there is always a line.

Dirt cheap pizza and beer, but it's the best pizzeria in town by far. Great people watching since it's in City Market. They also have a killer greek salad.

This is a favorite of the locals–– it's an upscale dive with amazing drinks, great water views, and if you have a boat, you can dock there (hence the name). We eat here at least once a week! Try the crispy fish and grits, the hummus, the okra, and their berry cobbler (you honestly cannot go wrong with any of their menu items though). It's a little out of the way, but definitely worth the Uber drive.

A great place downtown to grab a sandwich or salad. They have plenty of gluten free and vegan options as well.

This is the best place for brunch–– their french toast and mimosas are phenomenal, and if you still have any mimosa left at the end of the meal (which I doubt you will), they will give you a plastic champagne flute to go (there are no open container laws in downtown Savannah).

I tried this place quite recently with some friends after hearing rave reviews, and it did not dissapoint. My panini was phenomenal!

This is an amazing dinner spot. It feels so homey inside, and everything on the menu is to die for. They are famous for their seafood. Make reservations, because it gets booked up fast.

Great contemporary American food with a fun atmosphere, and a good bar as well.

Get their tomato bisque and grilled cheese–– it's unreal. Such a cute lunch spot (they aren't always open for dinner). The NYC vibes and the industrial garage doors give this place such a cool feeling, and the bar area feels like it's out of a movie.

This restaurant sits inside of a renovated Greyhound bus depot (hence the name). It's super sleek, and the contemporary southern dishes are so yummy!

The only place in Savannah where you can grab an authentic liege Belgian waffle–– dare I say more?

This is the most popular ice cream parlor in the state, and it has earned it. Their rich, creamy ice cream is worth the long lines. Service is friendly, and the inside is worth seeing–– it was opened by Stratton Leopold, a film producer, so there's a lot of cool movie memorabilia inside.

Lulu's Chocolate Bar
This place is perfect for dessert lovers. They have amazing fondue and creme brûlée, and they also have alcoholic chocolate drinks.

This is a little drive away from downtown Savannah, but it's where all of the locals go for their barbecue. The ribs are so good!

Tequila's Town
The. Best. Mexican. Food. Seriously, their tableside guac is to die for, and their frozen margaritas are unreal.

Places to shop:

This chic store is located on Broughton Street and it has neat finds from all over the world. They also sell pastries, macarons, and delicious coffee. They have cute, Parisian style outdoor tables, and the window displays are always so grand. It's the perfect place to cool off on a summer day.

Super cute home decor, soaps, and candles among other things. Located on Jones Street.

Located on Bull Street–– features lovely artwork for sale from the brilliant students of the Savannah College of Art and Design. They have unique clothing, jewelry, and paintings.

The Shops on (and near) Broughton:

Offers brands like Amanda Uprichard, Britt Ryan, and AG Jeans.

Offers menswear brands such as Filson, Southern Proper, Peter Millar, and Barbour.

Impeccable Pig
This boutique chain was started in Dallas. They offer cute yet affordable dresses, rompers, and accessories.

All bigger retailers, yet it's fun to browse their selection of clothing. New clothing stores are popping up quickly on Broughton as part of a restoration and expansion project.

A chain makeup store, yet the staff is so helpful and knowledgeable so it's worth noting. Definitely worth popping in.

Places to drink:

Top Deck at Cotton Sail Hotel
The drinks are great, and they have the absolute best sunset views in the city! It's a must.

Rocks on the Roof
This is another rooftop hotel bar, right next to Top Deck–– ideal for bar hopping back and forth.

Jen's and Friends
This place has the most insane drinks–– Rice Krispie martinis, birthday cake martinis, and bananas foster martinis.

Congress Street Social Club
Super close to City Market, and they have fun pool tables, photo booths, dartboards, an outdoor patio, etc...

Things to do:

SCAD Art Museum
It's so fun to walk through and see the new exhibits every academic quarter. The museum itself is beautiful, and the contemporary art is so interesting. In the past, they have had Oscar de la Renta gowns on display (such a cool exhibit).

Telfair Art Museum
Another contemporary art museum–– they have had Warhol exhibits and original Elvis photos in the past. It's also a great place to bring kids.

Fort Pulaski
I actually love walking my dog here–– it's so cool to see a Civil War era fort, and they have kept it up so nicely. Makes for cool photos, especially if you walk around inside.

Wormsloe Plantation
This is the iconic Savannah tree lined driveway. It's most definitely overpriced, but worth it for the glorious photos–– a ton of people take wedding shots here.

Walk around Forsyth Park
This is where I take a majority of my blog photos–– the trees are insanely beautiful, the fountain is magic, and in the spring, the azaleas are in full bloom. You have to go!

Walk on Jones Street
Jones street has the cutest shops and houses. It's super picturesque, and it's another spot I find myself taking blog photos at regularly.

Random pieces of advice:

Many people go to Savannah for the Saint Patrick's day parade–– we have the second largest in the country, and half a million people come into town for it. It can be fun, but if you don't want to hang out with sweaty, drunk people all day, avoid visiting Savannah the week before, during, and after the holiday.

Avoid Paula Deen's restaurant. It's a total tourist trap, and the food is horrible. Don't pay $25 for a plate of subpar fried chicken. Just don't. If you want good fried chicken, go to Ms. Wilke's.

River Street is fun to walk on, but it's also super touristy. Some of the restaurants are decent, but others are garbage. It's the Times Square of Savannah–– loved by tourists, hated by locals.

People (especially northerners) underestimate the sheer humidity and heat of a Georgia summer. Be prepared, it's miserable.

Do not do carriage tours in downtown Savannah. The companies make the horses pull people in 110 degree heat, which I find extremely disturbing. The best way to see the city is on foot.


That's all I have for now, but I will update this guide periodically with new restaurants and shops! I hope this guide helps y'all!

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Traveling on a Budget

I have been getting bombarded with questions lately on how I manage to travel so much and how I afford it. Traveling can be super expensive, especially when you factor in the cost of hotels, food, and airline tickets. Here are some of my tips to make it more budget friendly!

Travel when it isn't peak season: Peak season is when all the tourists go to a certain location, meaning that hotels and airlines jack the prices wayyyy up. If you want to go to the Caribbean for example, peak season is around Christmas because people are escaping the cold. To save money, explore the option of going during the hot summer months! It's just as beautiful and there are less people that you have to share an island with! Other great times to travel are right after New Year's and after spring break (in April).

Travel with a group of friends and split the cost of everything: I travel with friends sometimes and it makes things so much better–– not only do you have your besties with you, but if you share a hotel room with someone, you're only paying for half! When I was in New York this past week, I split just about everything with my friend Ashley (meals, taxis, uber rides, you name it). If you're wondering how to pay someone back, download the app Venmo. It's a lifesaver.

Start a savings account for your trip so you have a bigger budget: I knew that I wanted to shop and eat out a ton in New York, so I put all of the money I earned over the past three months into my savings account so I wouldn't spend it. When I got to the city, I transferred it into my checking account so I could spend it with my debit card.

Take public transportation if possible: The Subway doesn't bite, I promise. It's much cheaper, and it does the job quickly. Plus, you get to see the culture of whatever city you're in!

Steer away from eating near major tourist sites: Restaurants tend to jack up prices when they are close to tourist traps. Don't eat under the Eiffel Tower, walk a good five blocks away from it and then eat. Plus, you can enjoy the view.

Instead of racking up your phone bill when you're away internationally, use iMessage and FaceTime: If you have an iPhone and WiFi, you can call and text home for free using iMessage (or WhatsApp, Facebook, or GroupMe) and you can call using FaceTime audio. This is SO much cheaper than calling long distance and texting out of the country.

Spend less at home so you can afford to spend more later: If you know you're going on a vacation soon, stop eating out at home/shopping and save that money for when you leave. You'll be able to use that cash to make memories you'll never forget.

What are your tips for traveling and saving money? Do any of you guys use these methods when you travel?

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Stripes and Southern Porches

Shop Love Street Top (and similar romper in same stripe material) | Similar Skirt (only $18) | Shoes | Similar necklace

Sometimes I feel super lazy and I'm not in the mood to drive downtown for a photoshoot. On these days, I drag my mom outside instead and we make do with the front porch. The lighting is not as good and the front porch swing is a little rusty, but I've learned that not everything can be perfect 100% of the time. On the front porch, strangers don't stare away as my mom clicks the shutter. On the front porch, we don't have to wait for people to walk by. On the front porch, I can see my dog through the window. 

I'm going back to school in two weeks, and we are in the process of selling this house. Time flies by–– it's so weird that I have lived here for over fifteen years and my bedroom won't be my bedroom anymore! This may sound like a long rambling post leading nowhere, but my point is, enjoy the moment even if everything is not exactly how you like it. Life is short. Enjoy the front porch while you can.