New Home

Living in New York so far has been an absolute dream! I still have a lot of settling in and unpacking to do, but I have truly enjoyed every minute of being here (besides my skin breaking out from the city–– does that ever go away?). Even though I have visited the city a ton, this is the first blog post I have actually ever done here–– in the past, I have used my trips to New York as a vacation instead of shooting opportunities, but now that the Flatiron building is basically in my backyard, I am so excited to just get out and create new content for the blog.

101 Things In 1001 Days, Volume II

One of my most popular posts to date on my blog is my first 101 things in 1001 days post. A little bit of background on this type of post: these have been popular for a few years, and essentially, it's a list of 101 things you want to accomplish over the course of 1001 days.

These 101 things can be practical or total #goals moments–– really it's whatever you're wanting to do within roughly the next 2.75 years of your life. The time frame for my first list was supposed to end on October 11 of this year, but I have changed so much since penning the first list, and my goals and aspirations have changed too. For this reason, I have decided to reset the clock early. Some of the things that I want to do from the last list will carry over, but the things I no longer have an interest in or have outgrown will not be on the new list. In round one, I completed 50 out of 101 items. A good chunk of these tasks were accomplished within the last few months, especially when I was in Tanzania. Most of them I coincidentally completed in Africa without trying–– sleeping under the stars, going a day (or six) without my phone/computer, etc...

I know that a lot of huge changes are coming in my life within the next few months, and I cannot wait to attempt to complete as many of these goals as possible!

Start Date: August 4, 2017
End Date: May 1, 2020

The Perfect Work Tote

When Lauren Ralph Lauren originally reached out to collaborate with me, I honestly had no idea what to expect. I have always been a fan of classic Ralph Lauren, but I always get nervous with collaborations because you never know what the product they are sending is really like until you receive it. As I voiced in my last post, I absolutely loved the jumpsuit they sent me. It's soft cotton heaven. When I first saw this bag, I was admittedly skeptical because I'm not a "large bag" girl. After using it for a week as a work bag, I have grown to love it. It has just the right amount of compartments for me to hold everything, and it's not too bulky. It holds so many snacks and important things at the same time without everything getting jumbled–– the true hallmark of a big bag for me.

Ralph Lauren Jumpsuit

Ralph Lauren Was kind enough to send me this lovely jumpsuit perfect for everyday wear, and I cannot tell you how many times I have worn to work it since. It's more comfortable than my pajama onesie, and it can be dressed up or down for a range of activities. I have gotten so many compliments on this piece, and I will continue to get heavy wear out of it through the fall months! My mom is even jealous of it (sorry mom). I got a size four in this, but I definitely could have gone with a size zero or two. 

Little White Dress

I wore this outfit for doing errands the other week, as it was a comfy and understated yet chic summer look. I'm really into the whole "flowy white dress and fun slip ons" look, and these Sam Edelman loafers complimented this sundress perfectly. The day was miserably hot and humid, but this crepey sundress kept me cool and cute (at least I'd like to think)!

I kept my jewelry minimal and my hair curled to complete the look. I love loose curls, but for some reason, my hair length makes them a pain in the a-s-s to achieve. Anyone have any tips to make it easier? I burn my hands with my curling wand trying to get the back of my head every time. Yikes.

Free As A Bird

Dress, bag, and jewelry c/o The Paris Market | Similar shoes | Sunglasses

One of my favorite looks for summer is a simple white maxi dress paired with lace up sandals and a woven bag, I cannot get enough of how twirly this particular dress is, and it is so lightweight! I cannot find it online, but I have linked many similar options below. This outfit would be perfect for dinner and drinks at the beach, or a stroll along the coast. A lightweight dress like this is also perfect for travel, as it can be dressed up and down in many different ways and can be packed easily.

Barefoot Summer Days

Romper c/o Tobi | Choker c/o The Paris Market | Bare feet c/o my parent's excellent genes

When I was in college, I would buy all of my "going out"/clubbing dresses from the website Tobi. I loved that website so much because their prices are so affordable, and the quality is just right for bars and clubs. When they asked me to collaborate with them, I was so excited–– I have never had everyday clothing from them, and I was thrilled to try it. They accidentally sent me this romper instead of the top I picked out, but I ended up loving it. The stripes are cute, the ruffles are darling, and the lace-up detail is sexy. Although this is on the short side, I can get away with it because it's a romper! This would also be cute with a white denim jacket over it and sneakers.